Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

S o t h a t I m a y p e r c e i v e w h a t h o l d s o u r w o r l d t o g e t h er Hans-Peter Dürr/Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

 Ich glaube überhaupt nicht daran, dass man die globalen Probleme auch global lösen kann. Auch die Natur löst globale Probleme, indem sie lokal etwas verändert, auf eine solche Art und Weise, die allmählich in größere Dimensionen hineinwächst.  

Hans-Peter Dürr, Was unsere Welt im Innersten zusammenhält

  So that I may perceive what holds our world together 

  Egoism will ruin mankind. It is the ego people define themselves through, and this is only a small part of what we experience as the ego, which includes other things [...]

 Strengthening egoism is devastating; strengthening, stressing individualization is very important. It enables every human to develop his or her abilities beyond the ego by also developing the emotional and the spiritual dimension. The spiritual dimension will show to the individual that it is embedded in a larger context that places certain limits to its development.

  We talk much about freedom. freedom, however, cannot mean "freedom in relation to everything". Freedom has its own limits. Freedom must always be seen in relation to the question "Freedom for what?", not just "Freedom whereof?", which means to fling off restraints. "Freedom for what?" means to assume responsibility once we have debeloped freedom. Placing limits on developing my own abilities, introducing them for the benefit of the community is a requirement we urgently must demand. It is not an unusual request; it is how we are conceived.

 Everybody with a spiritual relationship to this world will consider it most natural to give to the others, what he or she has to give, thus enriching the society. Destroying this spiritual dimension - as is often the case in our western society - leads into social isolation, and I am an egoist.

                                                    Hans-Peter Dürr

Donnerstag, 10. Mai 2012

Green Dogs, screen prints on paper

Green dogs:
this screen print says more about humans. Nowadays everything is going so wrong, people behave just like dogs.
Dogs have instincts, they can have sex with any other dog and eat as much as they want and it´s no sin.
Humans need something to believe, there IS a purpose in life, but many don´t want to know it. It is so much easier to live your life like in the tv ads.