Samstag, 14. Januar 2012

STOP publicity turning women into things - WARNING: it is proved to cause aggressive behavior against WOMEN.

They mutilate women and then sell their images, so that women forever lust for an object that doesn´t even exist. The end result is domestic violence, oppressive gender roles, low self esteem, billions of dollars spent on cosmetics and cosmetic surgery...

There are many things about publicity that really go on my nerves, especially the way women are presented: as objects you can "buy" if you have the right products: the right perfume, the right car, the right snack. 

This is obviously a very sick view on life. It is ok if people think while watching, but I fear this is mostly not the case. 

I am for banning these commercials on TV and these big posters on the streets with naked women are not even stimulating men, I believe. It is proved that men have more and more problems with their sexuality, and women as well.

So please stop it!