Samstag, 14. Juni 2014

The art of making syrup from elderflowers, roses and melissa

To make this refreshing summer beverage you need for 1 liter syrup: 1kg sugar, 3/4 liter of water, a ittle of citric acid, lemons and as much flowers you can get. Just elderflowers are best, but you can make mint syrup as well. My combination of roses, elderflowers and melissa tastes like litchi syrup...

Big glass jars like these are very practical, it is important to pour boiling water inside first to kill all the bacteria.
Melt the sugar in the water until it becomes crystal clear, pour it over the flowers or/and herbs with the citric acid and lemons and wait for two days.
Do the same procedure with the boiling water with the glass bottles before pouring the syrup in them. Use a cloth or/and a strainer, and it is ready! Don't drink it pure, just a little with much water. It tastes somehow like that:

Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2014

Dreaming of a simple life...

Living a life of simplicity, having less,  just the things you really need. Having time to think. Good things take time. This is something that is forgotten nowadays. 
And milking goats, growing your own vegetables: that means luxury to me.