Montag, 1. Juni 2015

Taking a Sunday Noon Walk in Vienna's first district

It was not my intention, but somehow I traced the three monotheistic religions, beginning with a sad part of Austria´s history.

Tourists waiting in front of the Anker Uhr for the day´s highlight: At every full hour you can see another personality passing the bridge escorted by a suitable background music. The highlight is at 12 o'clock noon. At this time you see a parade of famous characters from history.

St. Georg´s Greek Orthodox church at Griechengasse reminds me a bit of a mosque, perhaps because it was built for the Ottomans.

And finally, this Church reminds me of Italy, because of the big place in front of it. There was a choir singing inside the moment I took the photograph. I liked to hear the silent voices coming from within.