Mittwoch, 21. November 2012

Some hats for your brains, daily little pencil drawings

My daily dosis of drawings... Some hats for your brains. Just because this is an art blog it doesn't mean that I'm not thinking about all the injustice in this world. I believe that we can change the world with our prayers and by informing ourself and others about the truth.

Donnerstag, 1. November 2012

Abolish the banks!

Wealth no longer circulates because of riba (lending and borrowing money on interest). We need a new monetary system. Transactions based on deception are also prohibited in islam. Masses around the world are imprisoned in slavery in this monetary system. The more I think and read about the quran and the sunnah I see that islam ist the solution to all our problems.  

The prohibition of banks making profit, of drugs and alcohol make islam the target of capitalism and modern media, because the modern system want us to be dumb and poor. Women wearing hijab, or the muslims praying, nor terrorism are threatening us, because islamism is a word that is created afer 9/11 and has nothing to do with healthy islam. May we one day live in peace together, this is my biggest hope and I believe that we as individuals have a great power to change the world, bigger than most of us all think.