Dienstag, 2. Oktober 2012

What is money? How does it work?

Was ist Geld? Wie funktioniert es?

Money is just paper. It is worth something just because you believe in it. And it is energy, if you are constantly worrying about it you are more slightly to be part of the system.

One good solution would be to have gold and silver coins, or gold dinars and silver dirhams, this money would always be worth something. 

Instead they want you to use plastic money, computer money, which does only exist on computer screens. 

Usury has to be forbidden! People should have a right to have a home, enough for food and clothing. Instead banks are owning everything and getting everything they want. 
A normal man´s work is worth nothing. If you pay all the taxes there is nothing left to live.

Stop it now! The enemy is not what media tells you: it is the system. And the media is part of the system. Start thinking, stop worrying. I am sure there is a solution and we will have peace in this world everywhere one day. But you have to wake up now.